FDI in Nepal: KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid)
A couple of months ago, Nepal held a huge investment summit that made headlines for its unprecedented investment commitments. China alone made commitments above USD 8 billion with total commitments going past USD 13 billion. Read more
Recent Macroeconomic Developments, Outlooks and Risks – Highlights from IMF Country Report 2017
In order to graduate from the status of Least Development Country (LDC) by FY 2022, the Government of Nepal (GoN) has targeted to achieve annual GDP growth of above 6.5%. However, the intended GDP growth can only be attained if the monetary and fiscal policies and reforms are implemented accordingly. Moreover balanced coordination of fiscal and monetary policy is required to stabilize the economy. Read more
Macroeconomic Update - FY 2017
A summarized version of the FY 2017 growth and inflation outlook adapted from ADB Nepal's Macroeconomic Update: Nepal (March 2017) Read more
Free Facebook – Why is Nepal not discussing this?
The recently launched ‘Facebook Free’ scheme by one of Nepal’s leading telecom operators - Ncell, in collaboration with Facebook, is reminiscent of the Free Basics initiative in India. The scheme was banned in India after much public debate but in the case of Nepal there has been a striking absence of the government from the regulatory scene. Read more
India’s Union Budget 2017/18: New Challenges and Opportunities for Nepal?
With the recent announcement of the Union Budget 2017/18, India aims to boost its economy through investment in rural agriculture, social sector, infrastructure and poverty elimination programs. Nepal; as a closely-linked neighbor, often faces the ripple effects of certain economic developments in India. The following are five key pointers from the Union Budget announcement that could potentially impact the Nepali economy. Read more
Cautious Optimism
IMF 5.5% growth forecast can be exceeded if we don't squander opportunities. Five Important Issues To Remember Read more