Nepal Economic Vision 2030: Leveraging Private Sector Growth and Investments
In the last decade, Nepal has witnessed many milestones. Popular uprisings around the country in 2006 led to the reinstatement of democracy and paved way for the Comprehensive Peace Accord (CPA) which ended the decade long Maoist insurgency, overthrew centuries old monarchy, and elected a Constituent Assembly which finally promulgated the new constitution in 2015 in its second attempt. Despite epoch defining political changes, on the economic front Nepal has been a non-performer with per capita income of just USD 730. Read more
Agenda 2030 in Nepal: Delivering Development to People’s Doorsteps
Within its development cohort, Nepal is one of the star performers with regards to achieving some of the key objectives of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) defined and adopted in 2000 to support countries make critical social progress for their people. Read more
Transformation of the Venture Capital and Private Equity Sector by 2030
Global Private Equity fund managers are estimated to have USD 1.2 trillion available to invest. With Nepal’s need for capital investment in infrastructure and corporate growth, attracting Private Equity (PE) will be a critical factor if Nepal is to reach its developing target by 2030. Read more
Financial Markets in 2030
Forecasting the potential of any sector in Nepal is relatively challenging given the low policy predictability and continuing political fluidity. For the financial sector to take off it is essential to have an enabling environment in terms of a strong policy and legal framework governing the sector, as well as a sizeable and sustainable economic growth Read more
Migration and Remittance in 2030
Migration and remittances have become critical socio-economic forces in Nepal over the last ten years. Remittance as percentage of GDP today has moved up significantly close to the total contribution by agricultural sector to the GDP—currently accounting for almost 30% of the national economy Read more
Transformation in the Development Sector by 2030?
Development partners share the stated vision of the Government of Nepal which is to achieve all the Global Goals and emerge as an inclusive, equitable, and prosperous middle-income country (MIC) by 2030. In the process of becoming a MIC, we hope Nepal is able to establish robust mechanisms to be able to exit from poverty, using its own resources, within an acceptable timeline and with a low risk of failure and reversal. Read more