Impact of the Ongoing Crisis on the Nepali Economy
Just months after the two devastating earthquakes, Nepal is entangled in yet another spell of turbulence. With agitations in the Terai-Madhes region nearing the three month mark and the crisis that has been looming large over the country since the promulgation of the long-awaited constitution, the economy has been pushed to the brink. Read more
Nepal Slips Further in the Doing Business Index
Of the 189 countries listed in the "Doing Business Index"; an indicator of ease of doing business in different economies, Nepal's rank fell by five positions from 94 in 2015 to 99 in 2016. Read more
Nepal Finally Gets a Constitution
The Nepal Constitution promulgated on 20 September 2015 marks a historical end to a seven-year transition that began after the popular uprising against an absolute monarchy in April 2006. The Constitution formally declares Nepal as a Federal Democratic Republic and accepts secularism. This Constitution is the seventh one since 1950 when the autocratic 104 year Rana regime came to an end, and the first constitution was written by a Constituent Assembly elected by its citizens. Read more
New Constitution, Old Economics
The release of the Constituent Assembly's first constitution draft has highlighted some fundamental issues including anti-liberalization tendencies and exclusion of the economy, among others, which are essential ingredients for development. The draft constitution appears to be regressive rather than progressive considering its divergence from the liberalization reforms initiated in the 1990’s. Read more
Budget Blues:  Ambitious Plans Execution Doubts - Part 2
Besides the plans expected to be carried out in the Reconstruction, Agriculture and Infrastructure, sectors such as Tourism, Education, and Health have also been addressed with hopes of revival, improved access and quality assurance. In addition, deficit financing has also been used to meet the budgetary requirements, as has been the case for a long time. Read more
Budget Blues: Ambitious Plans, Execution Doubts - Part 1
The government unveiled a budget for NPR 819.46 billion for the FY 2015/016 on 15 July 2015. The budget enlists key programs especially Rebuilding, Agriculture and Infrastructure and prioritizes Relief, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction. Read more