Earthquake Archive

The Nepali economy came to a standstill following the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit the country on April 25, 2015. This page provides you with a database of articles that were published during and after the disaster.

S.N. Article Name Publication
1 After Nepal Quake, Faithful Seek Solace The Wall Street Journal
2 Nepal Quake's Oldest Survivor Tells of his Ordeal Aljazeera
3 Stark Photos Show Nepal's Heritage Sites Before and After the Quake Global Voices
4 Nepal Quake Survivors Face Threat From Human Traffickers Supplying Sex Trade The Guardian
5 Nepal Earthquake: How the Regional Rivalry Between China and India has Spilled Over Into the International Rescue Effort The Independent
6 Insuring for Disaster The New York Times
7 How India's Media Reported #GoHomeIndianMedia India Real Time
8 The 100-Year-Old Nepal Earthquake Survivor Who Remembers 1934 Temblor India Real Time
9 Nepal Quake Shook Nepal, But the Nepali Spirit Remains Undaunted Global Voices
10 Kenichi Yokoyama: The Cost of Nepal's earthquake Aljazeera
11 Classquake: What the Global Media Missed in Nepal earthquake coverage The Conversation
12 Rebuilding Lives Nepali Times
13 Nepal Earthquake May Trigger a New Wave of Migrant Workers India Real Time
14 The History of Kathmandu Valley, as Told by its Architecture The Conversation
15 Digital Life: New Apps to Rescue for Nepal Earthquake Victims USA Today
16 Nepal's Recovery: Can International Aid Community Break Entrenched Patterns? The Conversation
17 Nepal Earthquake Deals Severe Hit to Culture, Economy but May Spark More Regional Cooperation The Conversation
18 Disease Outbreak Threatens Nepal's Earthquake Survivors Aljazeera
19 Nepal Earthquake Epicentre Area 'Devastated' Aljazeera
20 The Economic Impact of Nepal's earthquake Aljazeera
21 A Letter To The Indian Media! Drishtanta
22 Quake Aftermath Widens Nepal's Political Divisions India Real Time
23 Could Nepal's Messy Politics Hamper Relief Efforts? The Conversation
24 Frustration Grows in Nepal Over Earthquake Response Aljazeera
25 How Not To Rebuild Nepal The Washington Post