Earthquake Archive

The Nepali economy came to a standstill following the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit the country on April 25, 2015. This page provides you with a database of articles that were published during and after the disaster.

S.N. Article Name Publication
1 Nepal Earthquake: Learn Lessons or More Will Die in Future Disasters, Warns Experts The Guardian
2 5 Things to Read About the Nepal Earthquake The Wall Street Journal
3 What Tourists Need to Know About Earthquakes and Other Geohazards The Conversation
4 The Key Role of NGOs in Bringing Disaster Relief in Nepal The Conversation
5 Nepal Earthquake Potential Impact Map Aljazeera
6 The Humans of Nepal Mail Online
7 Nepali Government's Delays Frustrate International Aid Workers The Washington Post
8 Fear of Another Major Quake Haunts Nepal's Tent Towns as Supplies Run Lowf Global Press Journal
9 Nepal's Cultural Heritage Becomes Its Scrap as Human Crisis Takes Priority After Earthquake' The New York Times
10 Across Nepal's Countryside, Desperate Journeys to Ruined Homes After Quake The New York Times
11 How Not to Report on an Earthquake The New York Times
12 China Aids Nepal in Humanitarian, Diplomatic Push The Wall Street Journal
13 The Aftermath of Nepal's Earthquake Exposes Asia's Geopolitical Fault Lines The Washington Post
14 Why Nepal is Vulnerable to Earthquakes Aljazeera
15 Nepal Declares Three Days of Mourning Over Earthquake Aljazeera
16 NepalQuake: A Tale of Personal and National Tragedy Global Voices
17 Nepal Quake: Turn This Calamity Into an Opportunity The Hindustan Times
18 All Shook Up The Kathmandu Post
19 Nepal's 8 Key Historic Sites: What's Rubble, What's Still Standing National Geography
20 Nepal Earthquake: Stories from Alberta CBS News
21 Nepal Earthquake: Up Close and Personal World Vision
22 Was Nepal Prepared For a Major Earthquake? Aljazeera
23 Don't Rush to Help Nepal The Guardian
24 The Science Behind the Nepal Earthquake The Conversation
25 What 1934 Told Nepal to Expect About the Next Big Quake India Real Time