Bibhakar Shakya

Bibhakar Shakya has worked for over 25 years collaborating projects with international organizations, development aid agencies, public sectors, and private industries in the USA, Qatar, and Nepal. He has accomplished projects primarily in energy-economic modelling, economic impact analysis, labor policy and green jobs, climate change adaptation, and sustainable development.


Currently, he is working as a Senior Economist and Principal Consultant based in Richmond, Virginia. Previously, he worked as a Senior Economist and Policy Expert at the Program Management Office, Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy in Doha, Qatar. During his time in Doha, he managed the infrastructural development for the World Cup 2022 which included eight football stadiums, transportation, and hospitality sectors in Doha. In addition, he was involved in modelling the effort on the transition of urban energy systems towards efficiency and sustainability under Doha’s smart city project.


He has received a PhD in Environmental and Resource Economics from the Ohio State University, USA.