Nepal Earthquake 2015 – Disaster Relief Efforts

Following the 7.8 magnitude Nepal earthquake and the multiple aftershocks, we have received a lot of offers for volunteering and requests from people who want to make contributions. We have been engaging in knowledge management, quelling rumors through social media, and helping coordinate people who are working in disaster relief. Our Chair, Sujeev Shakya, has been engaged in providing futuristic economic development perspectives. He wrote two columns one for The Hindustan Times and one for The Kathmandu Post.

We would like to channelize our energy and act as a “Philanthropic Exchange” to be able to receive money to give to institutions and communities that need it the most. We will support credible local initiatives and community-based organizations that will have far-reaching impacts.

Our focus will be on providing long-term support and rehabilitation to those affected by the Nepal earthquake through areas such as supply chain management and knowledge management.

To maintain transparency we will be putting up a separate webpage to disclose receipt and disbursement of funds. We want to keep overheads close to zero.