Incubation Programs

The Incubation Centres or Programs at Nepal Economic Forum act as nuts and bolts of transformation. NEF’s focus on local and global integration, sustainability, digital transformation and youth empowerment for an empowered private sector is key to its vision of encouraging economic development discourse and analysis and the incubation centres help realize these visions.





Himalayan Circular Economy Forum

Himalayan Circular Economy Forum (HiCEF) is one of the functional outcomes of the Himalayan Consensus Summit that aims to mainstream alternative development paradigms. HiCEF intends to initiate and foster discourse on the concept of circular economy, explore existing circular economy practices, identify policies related to sustainable businesses, and identify ways for its effective implementation and dissemination.




Renewable Energy Center

The Renewable Energy Centre (REC) strives to be the leading platform for integrating renewable energy issues with other national-level concerns and policies. REC aims to do so by mobilizing strategic stakeholders in Nepal from relevant sectors, and stirring the discussion towards a new thinking, one that promotes dialogue around renewable energy in public spaces and encourages the use of renewable energy.

Center for Digital Transformation

The Centre for Digital Transformation (CDT) has been developed to address cross-cutting themes related to digital adoption. The core aim of this centre is to create a platform that promotes dialogue among technologists, policymakers, academics, businesses, regulators, financiers, and others. Some of the themes that will be addressed – digital innovation and transformation, governance and politics, resources and finance, law and society, and security and privacy.


Global Nepali Network

The Global Nepali Network (GNN) envisions to connect Global Nepalis worldwide, irrespective of their citizenship. GNN will serve as a platform to share ideas, thoughts and connect with communities, professionals and entrepreneurs who are tied to one another by a common love and affection for Nepal and its people. To harness the potentials and culture of Nepal, GNN plans to develop programs to build a knowledge repository and disseminate information on Nepal.


Nepal and the World

Nepal and the World (NAW) will study Nepal’s foreign policy and diplomacy against the backdrop of globalization and support public debates on foreign affairs, particularly in relations with the economy. It focuses on the analysis of Nepal’s foreign policy and diplomatic practices to map key areas/players in its international relations that will stimulate economic growth and transformation.


Center of Private Sector Development

The Centre for Private Sector Development (CPSD) will focus on private sector-led development by supporting the growth of small and medium enterprises. CPSD works in areas of skill development, capacity development, financial management, providing business development services for private enterprise’s operation and growth. The centre focuses on reforms that are necessary at the policy and administrative level of the government to facilitate business in Nepal.