Procurement during Pandemic

January 10, 2022

This session brought together diverse panels from academia, civil society, and the government to paint a picture of the procurement process, deliberate on possible solutions and partnerships, and highlight the critical situation the country is in.

Nepal Economic Forum (NEF) conducted a neftalk titled “Procurement during Pandemic: Responses and Failures” to understand the current state of procurement system being adopted and practiced in Nepal during the pandemic, delve deeper into the hurdles and challenges faced in the procurement process, and provide possible solutions that can serve as a way forward by tackling the current issues at hand and strengthen the state capacity for procurement in Nepal.











Kabita Parajuli

Member, COVID Alliance for Nepal












Semanta Dahal

Partner, Abhinawa Law Chambers











Rajendra Prasad Adhikari

Former Member Secretary, Nepal Council of Arbitration Professor, Construction Management











Peter Trepte

Member, Public Procurement Research Group, University of Nottingham











Procurement during Pandemic

January 10, 2022












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