Kul Chandra Gautam

Kul Chandra Gautam is a former senior official of the United Nations, a distinguished diplomat and a development professional. Owing to his extensive experience in international diplomacy, development cooperation and humanitarian assistance, he serves on the boards of several international and national organizations, charitable foundations, and public-private partnerships. In Nepal, he advises senior politicians and civil society leadership on issues related to socio-economic development, peace, democracy, and human rights.


Previously, he served as Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations, and Deputy Executive Director of UNICEF. In an international career spanning over three decades in many countries and continents, he worked at the policy and managerial level to promote the rights and wellbeing of children, women, and people in poverty through international development cooperation and humanitarian assistance.


Over the course of his long and distinguished career at the United Nations, he engaged with government leaders, donor agencies, multilateral organizations, NGOs and the corporate sector in policy dialogue, advocacy and resource mobilization. At the global level, he was responsible for the highest levels of policy making at the United Nations, including the General Assembly, the Security Council, ECOSOC and the UNICEF Executive Board. In addition, he supervised UNICEF cooperation in over 150 developing countries.